Esize develops ‘future-proof’ platform for e-invoicing

Esize, part of Proactis – the global spend management and B2B eCommerce company – is introducing a new e-invoicing portal that makes it easier for customers to receive electronic invoices reliably and securely. The new solution provides organisations with a single secure place where all purchase invoices are received and validated. The portal supports international standards in UBL, XML, PEPPOL and more. Through this new development, Esize is responding to the growing demand for a future-proof solution that allows invoices to be processed 100% digitally through the Esize Source-to-Pay platform. In doing so, Esize customers will fulfil the European guidelines set to come into force in the Netherlands from 18 April 2019. The new guidelines will apply to government bodies and public business partners and will enable them to receive and process e-invoices.

« While the benefits of e-invoicing are clear, its implementation in practice often seems to present a major hurdle. Organisations wanting to change their invoicing are often faced with manual processes that are needed to analyse the document structure, information and formats. Rather than simplifying them, automation often makes these processes more complex. Our aim is to take over the work involved in this from our customers and make processes more efficient. With this goal in mind, we went about developing the e-invoicing portal », explains Eric van Hinte, Lead Developer at Esize. The new portal allows customers to receive UBL invoices by e-mail, a web service endpoint or a PEPPOL Access Point. Invoices are validated automatically (including the Chamber of Commerce (KVK) number, IBAN number, duplicated invoice numbers, unknown supplier) upon receipt. After approval, the invoice is sent as a draft to the Esize platform or an existing financial or ERP system.

E-invoicing shows a great deal of promise: it saves on administration costs and allows invoices to be processed and paid more quickly. Additionally, the invoicing process is more transparent for both the customer and the supplier. Paul van Rietschoten, Chief Technology Officer at Esize: « What we are seeing in the market is that many finance professionals are identifying the largest savings opportunities in the administration associated with invoice processing. We view this as a missed opportunity, since these processes come at the end of a series of other processes. To be able to identify and exploit the potential for making savings across the entire organisation, the organisation needs to ensure an appropriate degree of quality in both the strategic and the operational procurement process. This also means that orders are placed with pre-selected suppliers in accordance with contractual agreements and that authorisation and budget control also occur in advance. Invoice processing then becomes a formality rather than a necessity. If an organisation really wants to increase efficiency, reduce costs and gain more control over expenditures, the focus needs to move from the digitisation of paper processes to process integration between purchasing and finances. We are happy to advise you on how you can make this work for your organisation. »

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