Cloud Spend Management

As a leading partner in Cloud Spend Management solutions, we help organisations to obtain better insight and control over their corporate spending. We achieve this by linking all procurement and invoicing processes together and making them more efficient and transparent. From sourcing projects, contract management and procurement transactions to supplier collaboration and automated invoice processing. Our fully integrated business software offers one single platform for managing and controlling all purchases and corporate expenses in the internet cloud.

Source to Pay


By streamlining the whole process from receipt up to passing for payment of invoices you can optimise cash flows, minimise risks and achieve savings.


By optimising the whole of the hiring process, you can realise savings and will know exactly who you are hiring as temporary staff at which supplier and for which costs.


Grip on daily procurement and invoicing processes starts with the simplification of standard procedures. Accelerate the process and prevent purchases without the required authorisation and budget control.

supplier management

Immediate insight into up to date supplier profiles and objective performance assessment based on defined criteria (Key Performance Indicators).


A simple quotation or a complex auction, every qualification requires an efficient and transparent process including a complete audit trail.


Effectively managing and communicating supplier contracts in your organisation (compliance) ensures real-time insight into your financial liabilities. And this also leads to a profit.

Savings creation

You take your job seriously. Because you take great care in concluding valuable purchasing contracts. This is how you deliver added value to your organisation. This must be safeguarded in practicable operational processes to be sure that your efforts have not been in vain. Our solutions will, therefore, offer you support in relation to the tactical/strategic purchasing process but also with regard to the operational process ranging from ordering up to paying. From promise to realisation.

Source to Contract

Purchase to Pay