Purchase to Pay

Purchase to Pay is synonymous to the optimisation of your operational procurement process from the order requisition up to the processing of the invoice. You can achieve efficiency through controlling and having insight into the complete process.

Purchase to Pay
It is sheer logic to link the administrative processes of procurement and accounts payable management. But, however logical it may seem, many organisations have not yet put this in practice. The responsibilities between the two departments are often strictly separated due to compliancy. And yet, higher efficiency can be achieved when they allow their administrative processes to work together. This can be achieved by deploying our solutions that support all steps of the Purchase to Pay process simply and effectively.

Streamline your operational processes
Procurement and invoice processing are complex processes in most organisations that include much administrative handling and several approval moments. By simplifying these processes and setting up standard procedures, you will be taking an important step towards further professionalizing your procurement processes. Simplify the order requisition process, for every member of your staff, and allow them to check the status of their own orders in a user-friendly environment. At the same time, you will be sure that your employees are ordering within the defined procedures, valid supplier contracts and budgets. This will prevent purchases without the required authorisation and budget control. You will accelerate the procurement process and have insight and control.

Efficient invoice matching
By defining all steps of your procurement and invoice processing, you can improve the quality of the Accounts Payable process as well as increase efficiency. The information on a purchase order is the key to successful internal transactions between the procurement and financial departments but also for external partnerships with suppliers. Access to accurate data from purchase orders ensures that you can automatically match this with the delivery form and invoice when they are processed. A big advantage is that the authorisation process of an order takes place beforehand when the order requisition is placed. This means that you can determine in advance, whether or not there is sufficient budget to place the order. This will prevent discussions when the invoice arrives and a delivery can no longer be undone. The result is less administrative handling and less errors. On top of this you will be lowering the direct procurement and process costs for your organisation.