Source to Contract

More revenue is great. Achieving less spend is easier. When you manage to lower your overall procurement costs, you can, after all, realise considerably higher operating profits. Without increasing your turnover or compromising on quality. Streamline your tactical procurement from Source to Contract.

Source to Contract
An increasing number of organisations are discovering the strategic importance of procurement. The profitability of an organisation can be positively influenced by implementing a carefully thought-through procurement policy. Procurement is more than simply keeping your products and services in stock for the most favourable price and the best quality. A well thought-through procurement plan can result in considerable cost reductions. For example, you could downsize your supplier base. This could lead to better partnerships with less suppliers which will in turn help you stipulate better contractual terms and conditions.

From a strategic to an unambiguous sourcing process
In order to achieve more with your procurement budget while retaining grip on your business risks, it is important that your procurement needs are defined effectively and your suppliers are selected with care. Regardless of whether this refers to a simple proposal process or a complex request for proposal, every qualification requires a simple and transparent process. From defining the procurement strategy in an transparant and objective sourcing roadmap to the proposal process and the assessment and selection of suppliers. Our solutions will support you throughout the entire process simply and efficiently.

Every contract under control
You have carefully stipulated the best possible contractual terms and conditions with your suppliers. It is important to you that these agreements are utilised by everyone within your organisation. Furthermore, your aim is to make sure that procurement no longer takes place outside the contracts agreed. You can reach this level of control through proper contract management. Effectively register, manage and communicate your supplier agreements with your organisation. Central contract registration gives you insight into all your active contracts and provides a solid basis for managing your contract portfolio. On top of that, you will always have real-time insight into your financial liabilities.

Purchasing more value
Get more out of your strategic/tactical procurement by streamlining your processes using powerful instruments for supplier selection and supplier and contract management. This enables improved business planning, more effective category management, objective supplier qualification, more efficient negotiations and better contract management. Our Source to Contract solutions will help you achieve your goals simply and effectively.