You can link all procurement and invoicing processes together smartly with our software using a total solution. Modular, scalable and user friendly. The software operates on a cloud-based platform and, therefore, you don’t need to worry about maintenance and management. The latest version is made available to you automatically, without having to install any updates on your local server. You will always have secure access, 24 hours a day. Solutions that you can rely on, wherever and whenever you need them.

Our platform

Our software offers a platform on which buying organisations and suppliers can communicate efficiently with each other. A separate environment is set up on this platform for each organisation. The configuration of your environment can be fully tailored to your specific organisational requirements to best support your business processes. User access is based on user roles within your organisation granting access only to those specific areas of the application that users need.

Software without maintenance

Our software is offered as a SaaS solution. This means that we host our applications from our server. Our customers log on to the server using the internet, where they can access their data 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This enables you to always be connected to your organisation and your suppliers through a secure platform. No need to worry about management and maintenance. Furthermore, you will always benefit from the latest version of the software, without having to install any updates locally. Our solutions are scalable: you can easily add or remove modules. This enables you to flexibly adapt your system to the needs of your organisation, now and in the future.

Safe and green hosting

The hosting of our systems takes place in green data centres. We believe this is important, since the ICT sector nowadays is responsible for more than 2% of worldwide CO2 emissions. We host our servers at Interoute and KPN. They do everything in their power to reduce their carbon footprint. Equally important is that these perfectly secured data centres have extensive backup and storage facilities where your valuable data is securely stored.

ISAE 3402

The market sets increasingly high standards with regard to the quality of IT services. By attaining the ISAE 3402 certification we demonstrate that we have a sound and transparent process for the development, sale, delivery and service of our software solutions. ISAE 3402 is the international successor of the American SAS 70 certification and unlike SAS 70, ISAE 3402 is an international standard. We were issued with the ISAE 3402 quality statement by BDO Audit & Assurance. At the end of 2010 we were already in compliance with the SAS 70 Type 1 standard and the SAS 70 type 2 certification was issued last year. The ISAE 3402 report provides current and potential clients with an understanding of the internal control processes and services. The certification provides a guarantee about the correctness, completeness, timeliness and reliability of processes and control measures. The optimisation of services has always been important to us. Especially considering the sensitivity of the data of the procurement process of our customers and the fact that we offer our products based on the SaaS principle, it is extremely important that internal processes lead to a stable and safe solution.