Cost-saving with online buying through Esize platform

While the turbulent growth of online consumer spending continues unabated, buying online has also really taken off in the business market. More than 52 percent of business buyers expect to make at least half of their purchases online within 2 years. Esize, Cloud Spend Management-solutions supplier, sees a clear trend among buying organizations to increasingly opt for OCI (Open Catalog Interface) integration between supplier webshops and their digital procurement platform. This means that buyers will always have access to the suppliers’ complete product range, with reliable product information and current prices. Besides an easy ordering processe the solution contributes to a more efficient administrative handling of transactions. Users can order directly from webshops via the Esize platform from over hundreds of suppliers, including leading Dutch names such as, Conrad, Deli XL, Gispen, Hanos, Manutan, Mercateo, Scholten Awater, Sodexo, Staples and Technische Unie.

Online business network
Esize is the online business platform where buyers and suppliers find each other and do business. Thousands of users trade millions of transactions worldwide through the network on a wide range of commodities. “The development of new technologies ensures an ever-increasing integration of individual systems. Not just within organizations but also beyond. Procurement platforms such as Esize are increasingly evolving into a digital business network, enabling smart and close collaboration between buyers and suppliers. By automating and standardizing ‘simple’ processes within the network, such as order requisitions, order confirmations and invoice processing, processing of business transactions is much faster, simpler, and more efficient,” explains Paul van Rietschoten, Chief Technology Officer at Esize.

Easy ordering
“More and more companies and organizations are experiencing the convenience of online business ordering. Employees can automatically log into the supplier webshops via the Esize platform. They immediately see the range from which they can order with the current prices and whether products are in stock. All orders are handled by the internal ordering system: the purchase order is automatically entered and can then, following approval be forwarded to the supplier’s webshop. Furthermore, customers no longer need to worry about catalogue maintenance, which are kept up-to-date by the supplier, says Paul van Rietschoten. “A smart investment, especially when efficiency and cost savings are concerned!”

“What makes Esize innovative is that users on our platform can search for products or services from suppliers, without having to go to the webshop in a separate window. Thanks to smart search functionality (think of Google search), it’s simple to search from the platform on the Internet and see all the results in Esize! By applying technological innovations such as these in our software, we are continually building on the user-friendliness and accessibility of the platform for our users”, says Paul van Rietschoten.

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