Manpower has more than 150 branches in The Netherlands alone. Each of these locations requires goods and services to support their primary function, which is to send out personnel. This includes the procurement of laptop computers, office equipment and property maintenance. In order to manage and control the organisation’s total expenditures, goods and services are purchased centrally to the greatest possible extent. Manpower employs the user-friendly procurement tool Esize, which is available as Software as a Service (SaaS), to obtain optimum support for this process.

ManpowerGroup. With more than 4,000 offices in 82 countries, Manpower provides innovative employment solutions for its more than 400,000 customers. The company helps 312 people find a new career every minute around the globe. The available package of services is extensive and includes recruitment, selection, training and outplacement. In The Netherlands, Manpower has 150 offices that employ approximately 1,000 consultants.

Insight into orders
The Esize procurement solution provides Manpower with a user-friendly system through which all purchases are centrally processed. Employees have access to the online tool from their own workstations, allowing them to place their orders directly, which are then immediately forwarded to the various (centrally selected) suppliers. The ultimate goal is for 70% of all purchased goods and services to be processed through the Esize platform. This solution facilitates the ordering process at the branch level and provides the purchasing department with direct information about the quantity of purchased goods, services and expenditures.

Huguette Mittertreiner, Manager Procurement & Facility at ManpowerGroup: “The user-friendliness of the software was a decisive factor in our decision to invest in Esize. Staff turnover is relatively high in the staffing industry, so employees must be able to quickly place an order without requiring extensive knowledge of the system. It is very simple to order through Esize, which is similar to online shopping. This was also the idea we had behind such a system: it had to be capable of supporting a ‘one-stop-shop’. Buying through a portal without too many bells and whistles.”

Expenditure control
The Esize solution also provided Manpower with a good tool for exercising better control over spending. Huguette Mittertreiner: “Because we now have more control over orders, we can better control our spending and hold more targeted negotiations with our suppliers.”

Online solution
Manpower did not want to put additional strain on its own IT department with the procurement of a buying solution. The SaaS solution Esize proved to be ideal. “The great advantage of an online solution is that you do not need to take responsibility for administration and maintenance. The software is hosted entirely by Esize. This saves us a lot of work and expenses.”

Huguette Mittertreiner is positive about the cooperation with Esize. “It is a professional outfit. The consultants are clearly experts in their field and are happy to help. Another positive aspect is that Esize has a user platform, which gives us the opportunity to spar with fellow users about challenges we may encounter and appropriate solutions. We are currently only using the Procurement, Vendor Management, Contract Management and Reporting modules. Eventually we also want the invoicing process to run through Esize so that we can have a complete Procure to Pay cycle in place.”

Grip on expenses
Huguette Mittertreiner believes she is ‘in control’ when she has a grip on spending at the Manpower organisation and when the branches make proper use of the ordering module. “We are currently proactively involved with the spending pattern of the organisation, and the Esize purchasing tool supports us well in this regard.”