Dura Vermeer opts for digital cooperation with suppliers via Esize platform

Dura Vermeer Construction and Real Estate division is switching to digital data traffic with its suppliers. By doing so, the construction concern will exchange information on purchasing transactions, such as articles, orders and invoices, faster and more efficiently. In close collaboration with partner Esize, the company has been able to successfully connect the first suppliers. The first electronic transactions have already taken place. Dura Vermeer expects this to optimise its internal processes and to improve cooperation with chain partners, in order to achieve mutual efficiency advantages.

Electronic data traffic with suppliers
Dura Vermeer Construction and Real Estate divisionhas adopted the (Dutch) S@les in de Bouw messaging standard for electronic data traffic with suppliers. This is an independent messaging standard used in the Dutch construction sector to exchange information on articles, orders and invoices between clients and suppliers. For implementation of the S@les in de Bouw messaging, Dura Vermeer opted to work in close consultation with partner Esize, a supplier of cloud spend management solutions. Five Dura Vermeer suppliers were also involved in the pilot project. Following completion of the pilot phase, invoice messages and purchase orders can now be exchanged fully digitally. This will also be possible for order confirmations later this year.

Efficiency in cooperation
Mark ter Hark, Divisional director for the Dura Vermeer Construction and Real Estate division, is enthusiastic about the first results of the project: “With the implementation of the S@les in de Bouw standard, we are finalising one of our company targets, to improve cooperation with our chain partners in order to achieve mutual efficiency advantages”. Dura Vermeer expects to deploy the messaging standard for at least 40 suppliers. Esize will continue to be closely involved in the rollout to and connection of new suppliers.

Spend control
“The construction sector is a strategic growth market as far as Esize is concerned,” says Sander Olij, Director of Operations at Esize.“Cost savings and more efficient corporate processes are still very current themes in this branch. We help organisations get more grip on and control of their corporate expenses. Thanks to our wide proposition in the field of cloud spend management, we can offer all possible solutions for that purpose. We see the introduction of the messaging standard of S@les in de Bouw at Dura Vermeer to be an important milestone. By supporting the messaging with our software, we can offer added value to our clients in the construction sector.”

S@les in de Bouw
The purpose of S@les in de Bouw is to improve the digital cooperation between contractors, wholesalers, manufacturers and service providers in the construction sector. The independent standard is a precondition. “There is growing interest among construction companies to implement the standards of S@les in de Bouw,” says Rien Wabeke, Director of S@les in de Bouw.“ Larger companies generally start by digitalising their invoices, while smaller contractors are more likely to start with automation of their orders, order confirmation and deliveries.The scalability of the concept gives participants the freedom of choice to switch between 1 or more components of the standard.”

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