Esize is a certified PEPPOL Access Point

Esize, part of Proactis – the global spend management and B2B eCommerce company, is now officially certified as a PEPPOL Access Point. This means that Esize now can connect customers to the European PEPPOL eProcurement platform, to exchange electronic invoices with OpenPEPPOL members. In doing so, Esize is taking an important step towards more secure, efficient and sustainable invoicing traffic in the Netherlands and across Europe. More than 10,000 organisations already use PEPPOL, and this number is growing every day. European public sector entities are, for the most part, already using PEPPOL and the expectation is that more and more businesses will follow suit.

Get connected with PEPPOL
‘The business world is increasingly asking for e-invoicing via PEPPOL. The Dutch government made it mandatory from 1 January 2017 for new suppliers to use e-invoicing, and government bodies and public business partners are set to follow suit in April 2019. The main reason for this is that e-invoicing via PEPPOL is much more secure and less error-prone than other systems, and it uses the UBL standard for data exchange’, explains Eric van Hinte, Development Lead at Esize. ‘An important feature of the PEPPOL network is that companies and authorities can use a unique ID to automatically identify one another. In addition, all traffic via the network is encrypted. To gain access to the PEPPOL network, you need a partner with a certified PEPPOL Access Point who is able to get you started on the system. Esize is a member of the OpenPEPPOL network and can get your organisation connected with the minimum of difficulty.’

‘Touchless invoice processing’
‘We are proud to be one of the few software suppliers in the Benelux with Certified PEPPOL Access Point status. Also, we are one of the few (if not the only) e-procurement solution that connects directly to PEPPOL’, according to Paul van Rietschoten, Chief Technology Officer at Esize. ‘Now that the development and testing period of PEPPOL has drawn to a close, we are getting the first customers started on the network. Soon, customers will be able to receive electronic (UBL) invoices from suppliers, in line with the PEPPOL standard. This way, we are helping our clients move one more step closer to touchless invoice processing.’

Future-proof solution
‘Our advice to organisations that want to join PEPPOL: as it is an open network, organisations are free to choose whichever Access Point they want. However, when deciding, take time to consider what other options the provider is offering, both now and in the future. Organisations often find the greatest savings potential in the administrative processes surrounding invoice processing. We view this as a missed opportunity since these processes come at the end of a series of other processes. If an organisation really wants to increase efficiency, reduce costs and gain more control over expenditures, the focus needs to move from the digitisation of paper processes to process integration between purchasing and finances. Please contact us for further information and advice, without any obligation’, concludes Paul van Rietschoten.

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