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Esize makes e-sourcing accessible to every organisation

Esize, supplier of cloud spend management solutions, presents a new e-sourcing platform that supports purchasing professionals in simple proposal projects, but also in complex tenders. The software supplier wants to make e-sourcing accessible to organisations of every scope by launching an online platform that distinguishes itself as the most intuitive and user-friendly solution on today’s market. The experiences of users were an important starting point in developing the software. Which is why Esize has worked closely with purchasing experts of various clients and market parties in this project. In this way, the company has succeeded in combining innovating technologies with the challenges of the day-to-day purchasing practice, such as the increasing pressure of legislation and regulations, but also the increasing demand for transparency and usability.

e-Sourcing platform
Esize introduces a new platform for the digital support of simple proposal projects to complex tenders. e-Sourcing is an effective and proven instrument with which to complete market consultations, request for proposals or online auctions in a transparent, measurable and verifiable fashion. This not only helps buyers to purchase goods more efficiently and more cost-consciously, but it can also yield interesting cost-savings. The advantage for suppliers is that they easily exchange (offer) information digitally with various purchasing organisations by logging in onto a single online portal.

Purchasing practices
In developing the e-sourcing platform, Esize has worked closely with purchasing specialists of various clients and market parties. An important precondition was that the platform was to be highly intuitive in use. Paul van Rietschoten, Commercial Director Esize: “Our goal was to develop a platform that excels in functionalities and that is better equipped for incidental use. What’s more, the software must be easy to use, without any training”. The application clearly tells which steps the user is to take to carry out a sourcing project and furthermore pro-actively advises the user on the final selection. In this way, the software guides the user through every step easily and efficiently. Purchasing organisations on the platform furthermore have access to a network of thousands of suppliers because of the clever integration of the sourcing platform with an extensive suppliers database.

Cloud Spend Management
The new e-sourcing platform is an indispensable link in the complete software suite of Esize. “Based on our philosophy, we approach procurement and invoicing processes as a single coherent whole. By completely integrating the various software modules in a single solution, we help organisations in a diversity of branches to automate all of the steps involved in the procurement and invoicing processes and to make these more efficient and more controllable. Clients use the platform to improve their procurement process step-by-step, but the modules can also be deployed separately in order to optimise a specific sub-area”, says Paul van Rietschoten. The software offers a single online platform where many purchasing organisations and suppliers can efficiently communicate with one another.

Interest from the market
Van Rietschoten describes the first responses from the market to the new e-sourcing platform as very positive. “Esize stands for innovation and that stirs up the necessary expectations. Of course, we are open to any requests from interested parties to give a demonstration. We gladly invite them to contact us”, says Paul van Rietschoten.

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