Esize Procurement Dashboard provides a new dimension to ‘online shopping experience’

With the launch of the new Esize Procurement Dashboard, Esize, supplier of Cloud Spend Management-solutions is introducing a new way of ordering, taking the ‘online shopping experience’ for users to the next level. The new dashboard is the central starting point for every employee within the organisation to order products and services from. Or for example, to make a requisition for hiring temporary staff. Improved features – such as intelligent search functions – help the user to find the products and services he or she needs even more easily. Furthermore the system cleverly assigns the correct steps in the process (guided buying), so that even occasional users can navigate the process themselves. The new method to initiate an order requisition also ensures that employees always order from contracted (preferred) suppliers and as per the correct conditions (compliance). The new Procurement Dashboard is available in the latest release of the Esize8 platform.

“The Procurement Dashboard is an important milestone in the (further) development of the Esize8 platform”, explains Eric van Hinte, Development Lead at Esize. “Our customers have increasingly higher expectations when it comes to ease of use and accessibility of the platform. We follow the standard set by e-commerce websites such as Amazon and by applying the latest technologies to our application. We have developed the Procurement Dashboard with our users in mind. The basic principle is creating the best possible user experience for our customers.”

“Our ambition is to help clients realise their goals. These may be operational objectives, but we are increasingly seeing that these are more strategic and company-wide”, says Paul van Rietschoten, Chief Technology Officer at Esize. “Every organisation has a hidden wealth of qualitative data that can provide valuable insights. Nevertheless, organisations often fail to really gain full insight and control over their expenditure. This may be because data is simply not registered or information is stored fragmented in different systems. A solution that fully supports the entire purchasing and invoice handling process on a single software platform could then be the right choice.”

The success of a procurement platform starts with a broad support base within the organisation. It is therefore important that end-users quickly accept the system and utilise it optimally. This means it won’t just be the (procurement) specialists in the organisation who are able to work with the system, but that all employees are able to requisition orders independently. According to the correct procedures, authorisation rules and budget control. “The Procurement Dashboard has been developed with this in mind; a user-friendly and low-threshold ordering environment which can be easily utilised by employees from any workplace. Any place, any time, any device. We see the Procurement Dashboard as an indispensable link in the Esize Source-to-Pay platform, with which we help organisations increase efficiency, reduce costs and gain more control over expenditure, “says Paul van Rietschoten.

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