Esize User Group

We strive to ensure that our clients are actively involved with the development of our products and services. The input from our users enables us to work continuously on further improvements to our solutions. Clients shape the development of new applications and functionalities in our software. Esize has a unique collaboration with clients in the form of an active user group, which not only guarantees the users excellent representation, but which particularly also strives for active involvement with the development of the Esize platform.

Participating in product development
Alongside the standard communications channels via our account managers, project managers, consultants and the helpdesk, Esize also has an independent association of active users. This user group works with Esize to optimise the added value provided by the software and services for organisations which are connect to the Esize platform. They do this by actively participating in product development, amongst other things. The members of the user group formulate and share business cases which serve as the basis for proposals for additions or modifications to functionalities. The users’ association can also provide input about the content of new releases, and is also actively involved in their development. The users’ association meets several times a year. The executive committee also has periodic meetings with the management of Esize. As well as discussing product development, the exchange of knowledge and user experiences takes place at various levels.