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Graydon links corporate information to Esize e-sourcing platform

Credit information specialist Graydon and Esize, supplier of cloud spend management solutions, have joined forces by linking Graydon corporate information to the Esize e-sourcing platform. In doing so, this cooperation meets the needs of purchasing organisations for reliable and comprehensive information on the financial health of (prospective) suppliers. Thanks to the direct link, users of the e-sourcing platform have access to an online commercial platform featuring all 2.3 million companies active in the Netherlands. This makes it very simple to check the payment behaviour, credit rating and history of companies before granting them an order. Buyers can simply select the best suppliers, and invite only commercially attractive market parties to tender.

Financial health
In the current economic climate, it has become increasingly important for buying organisations to cooperate with financially healthy and reliable business partners. Up-to-date and accurate information on credit worthiness and the financial health of (prospective) suppliers is therefore essential. Graydon and Esize have introduced a link between OpenCompanies – Graydon’s online commercial platform featuring all of the 2.3 million companies active in the Netherlands – and the Esize e-sourcing platform. Users of the e-sourcing platform can simply identify and select suppliers from the most current and reliable corporate database of the Netherlands.Moreover, it will become easier to check the payment behaviour, credit rating and history of (perspective) suppliers.This provides companies with the certainty that they are only doing business with commercially attractive organisations. Paul van Rietschoten, Commercial Director of Esize: “The strategic cooperation with Graydon is an important step forward towards our goal of providing an open marketplace for customers and suppliers; a crossroads of demand and supply.”

Link to Graydon corporate information
OpenCompanies is a business platform offering up-to-date financial and commercial information on all companies active in the Netherlands. A source where credit ratings and payment behaviour can easily be found for all Dutch companies, and where companies themselves can influence their credit information. They can do so by publicising their credit rating, credit limit and payment behaviour. All information is thoroughly checked by Graydon, of course. Sander van Meurs, Marketing Information Manager at Graydon Nederland: “The financial health of a company is the starting point for buyers when selecting a supplier. A professional organisation can only develop a sustainable relationship with a supplier if it is a financially healthy business partner.”

e-Sourcing platform
The Esize e-sourcing platform supports buying professionals in simple quotation processes but equally so in complex tenders. It is an effective and powerful instrument in order to work through market consultations, quotation requests or online buying auctions in a transparent, measurable and controllable manner. This helps buyers boost their efficiency and make more conscious purchases, while also offering interesting cost savings. The advantage for suppliers is that they can simply and digitally exchange (quotation) information with a number of buying organisations, by logging into a single online portal. The e-sourcing platform is an essential link in the complete Esize software suite. “We regard the buying and invoicing process to be an inextricably connected whole. By integrating the various software modules in a single solution, we help organisations in a wide variety of branches, by providing greater efficiency and insight into all their buying and invoice processing activities”, explains Paul van Rietschoten.

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