Invoice Capture Services

Your organisation receives large numbers of purchase invoices every year by mail, fax, email or as a PDF. Processing them rapidly and accurately is time-consuming and labour-intensive. Unfortunately all too often this leads to unnecessary errors and delays. A properly streamlined process can therefore offer great benefits. Esize helps you to convert all incoming invoices, regardless of format, to ready-to-use electronic processing data at a fraction of the time and cost that it takes your organisation to process them manually.

Invoice data entered in your system easily
Esize offers you flexible support with the actual scanning, interpreting and filing of invoice data. A simple way to have the information from your incoming invoices entered into your system quickly at a low price by Esize personnel without having to purchase the necessary software. The invoices are scanned with OCR software, after which we process them to your specifications, and the data is delivered in the output format that you require (XML, SQL, CSV, XLS etc.). You can then easily upload the processed data into your own Esize Purchase to Pay process, but it can also be imported into virtually any financial system such as AccountView, Exact and SAP. Esize can assist you like no other with the (manual) validation and processing of data after the scanning and OCR process. Our team guarantees it. We would be happy to help you with this.