Invoice Clearing

There is no organisation that does not process invoices. Dealing with every purchase invoice manually is a labor-intensive and error-prone process which can soon mount up. Particularly when invoices get lost, or if it is unclear who has made the requisition, or when there is a need to speed up payment of a particular invoice. Furthermore, sorting out erroneous invoices takes up a lot of time and money. Unnecessary delays can lead to penalties for late payment and missing out on discounts for timely payments. Incoming invoices must be validated and in a few cases rejected, returned or cancelled. Our solutions for automating this process can offer a remedy, but manual actions will be required in the process between scanning, processing and archiving. If you have insufficient resources or qualified staff available in-house, Esize Invoice Clearing can manage your invoice handling process for you. It has been specifically developed for medium-sized and large organisations that are looking for an efficient and effective Accounts Payable function. Flexible and more cost-effective than hiring specialist staff. Enabling your financial professionals to focus on more important cash management activities. A smart investment, particularly at a time when cost savings are important.

Professional support for Accounts Payable
Esize Invoice Clearing offers you professional support with the most important Accounts Payable tasks. With our years of experience in automated invoice processing, we help organisations by moving often intensive invoice handling processes out of your organisation. Our services combine three important components which are essential for your Accounts Payable departement: access to manpower which can be adjusted up or down flexibly, access to experts and a scalable technological infrastructure. Our well-trained professionals take over the manual and often time-consuming work and make sure that processes run smoothly. Our services include handling of day-to-day invoice issues, whereby any discrepancies in invoices can also be corrected with the suppliers. Invoices are validated in order to ensure that they contain the correct information to guarantee the highest achievable level of automatic matching with purchase orders. In addition, reports are generated proactively on a monthly basis in order to be able to guarantee the continuous improvement of the invoice processing.

Purchase to Pay technology
Esize provides support with processes which speed up the transition from paper to digital, including 100% conversion to digital invoices, automatic invoice approval, matching and workflow. Activities which do not fall within the core Accounts Payable tasks – such as scan & capture and the IT infrastructure – can be outsourced so that the departments can focus on their day-to-day and important core activities.
The technology which enables this is Esize’s market-leading Purchase to Pay technology, an internationally recognised solution for Accounts Payable automation. The solution also offers a fully hosted infrastructure which provides a sound and cost-effective IT environment for Accounts Payable.