Project Management

In order to successfully bring a project in on time and on budget, you need to identify risks and carefully consider decisions at all stages. Hiring expert project management for this is an investment which always pays for itself. If you are looking for an experienced project manager with a background in ICT and knowledge of procurement processes, we can provide the right people to support every optimisation process – with or without the use of our IT solutions – and bring it to a successful conclusion.

Expert project management
The project manager guides the entire process and will engage your employees in a successful implementation. Thanks to their extensive knowledge and experience our project managers can take over a wide range of activities. The activities listed below provide a broad overview of the areas in which the project manager can support your organisation:

  • drawing up the project planning, thereby scheduling decision moments
  • putting together a project group in conjunction with the client
  • recording all project agreements on a project plan
  • monitoring the timetable and adjusting when necessary
  • scheduling the required workshops and consultations
  • training end users
  • managing the list of actions and decisions
  • encouraging timely decision-making
  • reporting on progress periodically to the client
  • flagging up risks to the client
  • arranging the internal communication about the project
  • concluding the project and handing it over to the system administration.