Sourcing Support

We don’t need to tell you that an e-sourcing platform can provide you with demonstrable efficiency gains and savings. However, the success of a sourcing project does not just depend on the right software, but also on the people using it. The question is whether your organisation has the right expertise to get the maximum return from your sourcing projects. If you don’t have sufficient capacity or qualified people available in-house, Esize Sourcing Support can provide you with professional support. We will help your team to develop the competencies and knowledge required in order to carry out effective sourcing projects and achieve maximum savings. Based on best practices and years of experience, our experts can coach your employees to execute sourcing events smoothly from beginning to end with the best outcome. In addition they can provide training courses in order to introduce your suppliers to the system, so that they can also use it effortlessly and with pleasure.

Professional support for e-RFX & e-auctions
You can use our sourcing experts to actively support your team through every step of the e-RFX and/or e-auction process. This might include:

  • setting up, configuring and testing e-RFX and/or e-auction projects within the application
  • on-site assistance for your team during sourcing events
  • monitoring the progress of the process and supplier activity
  • communication with suppliers and (when necessary) remote assistance.

With Esize Sourcing Support you are guaranteed efficient projects, faster turnaround times and reduced risk. It’s flexible and more cost-effective than hiring specialist staff. Your team can then focus on more important strategic activities in order to obtain the maximum return from your sourcing projects.