Spend Analysis

The focus on corporate governance and financial transparency is becoming ever more important for many organisations. And with it the demands that they make of the quality and availability of business-critical information. Greater demands are also being made of the practice and auditing of financial processes. But does your organisation have insight into all aspects of the financial process? How about the procurement process? Advanced spend analysis is an effective tool for obtaining an integrated picture of the procurement expenditure throughout your organisation. But detailed and extensive spend analyses can be tricky. We have the professional and technological expertise available to easily set up and execute complex, large scale spend analyses for you. Esize Spend Analysis offers you in-depth insight into your procurement activities and expenditure across all categories and data sources.

100% insight into spending
Esize Spend Analysis provides you with the correct insight in order to understand what your organisation is spending money on. You get answers to critical procurement questions confronting your organisation. What is being bought and in what quantity? From which suppliers do we buy most? Where can we make structural savings, and how do we ensure that our procurement is more efficient and effective? The spend analysis includes insight into (half-)yearly expenditure, purchasing volume and the number of suppliers, and shows you the procurement costs that can be influenced. We take care of the enrichment, cleaning and categorising of procurement and process data from you. We can break the results down for you into – for example – procurement (product) group, department or location, budget holder, supplier or geographical spread. All output is sorted for you and presented in a visually attractive form in interactive dashboards which you can view online. Get fresh insights and discover where you can create and achieve structural potential savings within the organisation, but also effectively manage the financial and operational performance of your procurement organisation. Esize Spend Analysis provides a firm basis for better and faster decision-making and helps to strengthen your hand in negotiations with suppliers. We would be happy to help you with this.