Supplier On-Boarding

An effective procurement platform offers benefits for both buyers and suppliers. Therefore, it is important that this system is open and accessible. Esize offers you a single online platform for business transactions and communication with your suppliers, making transactions faster, easier and more efficient for both you and your suppliers. We have a variety of options to enable suppliers to connect to the system easily, from a simple web application through to full system integration. We make a distinction between internal catalogues and external catalogues (OCI) in Esize. Internal catalogues mean that the supplier can enter products and services (import or manually) in the supplier environment on the platform. With an OCI interface the information on products and services remain on the supplier’s server and these are collected (’round-trip’) from the supplier’s server.

Internal catalogues
Esize offers suppliers the opportunity to do business easily with their customers through an online application. This gives them access (free of charge) to a range of user-friendly facilities in order to communicate effectively with the buying organisations. For example, they can present and manage catalogues and receive orders. They can configure the interface to their requirements and keep the information up-to-date themselves. This offers many benefits. Suppliers receive an approved purchase order faster, and have immediate insight into orders, invoices and payment status. Invoices are paid more quickly and the risk of errors is much smaller. They can ensure that the range and the prices in the supplier environment matches the contractual agreements made with the customer.

External catalogues
With the external catalogues the guiding principle is that the product and price information remains physically on the supplier’s server. Using the Open Catalog Interface protocol it is possible to make a product selection in the supplier’s selling environment (‘look and choose’). After the selection the basket with the product information is sent on to Esize for further processing of the order, the completion of the approval process and the order creation. This is particularly suitable for large and dynamic catalogues, for products with many options and products which need to be modified specifically for each customer.

Efficient communication
Esize also offers suppliers practical support with the efficient handling of all the required communication concerning logistical processes. They can easily use the system to inform customers whether products are in stock or not. They can also use their assigned supplier environment to automatically inform the buying party of logistical information, deal with complaints and communicate about the processing. The environment is also multi-language, and therefore highly suitable for international suppliers as well. Because customers can constantly monitor the status of every purchase order (tracking and changing) much less time is spent on dealing with enquiries. Naturally all information can also be printed in hard copy. Where suppliers do business with multiple customers who use the platform, they only need a single supplier environment. In practice this makes Esize a widely-used communication platform.

Support with e-RFX & e-auctions
Based on best practices and years of experience, we can help your suppliers to carry out sourcing events smoothly from beginning to end with the best result. Our experts can also provide training courses in order to introduce your suppliers to the system, so that they can also use it effortlessly and with pleasure. Furthermore, we offer the option of providing remote assistance to your suppliers during a sourcing event.