A declining order book, stagnating sales and delays in new build plans. The construction sector is experiencing difficult times. The focus is on costs saving and rationalisation. Who wants to strengthen their position, seizes every available opportunity!

Cost saving
The construction sector is still in the grips of the recession. Especially new development production is under considerable pressure because of the decreasing willingness to buy by private individuals and to invest by companies. The price competition that is already strong will only increase further because job opportunities in the market have shrunk. Civil and hydraulic engineering will have to meet the challenge head-on to acquire a share in government projects that are being executed at double speed. The focus lies on costs saving and rationalisation. And yet, it is just as important during these times not to lose sight of the strategic focus. It is important that you continue to focus on the permanent changes in construction. The city centre redevelopment task will, in this way, be ever greater. Collaboration between the construction sector, municipalities and housing associations in this area lead to a higher probability of being successful. The population is becoming older and, therefore, there is a changing demand for accommodation. Such as innovating living concepts for young affluent senior citizens and high-quality residential care facilities for (older) senior citizens. There is also growing attention from the authorities, consumers and trade and industry for sustainable building and energy conservation. To name but a few examples.

It is very important that the construction sector innovates its business processes smartly. This will partly absorb production losses. Fortunately, we can see that the development of these innovations is taking place at an accelerated pace. A good example of one of these developments in the Netherlands is the S@les in de Bouw initiative. The goal of this association is to improve the processes between companies that operate in, deliver to or are customers of the construction sector. The use of ICT applications for the communication about purchasing and sales transactions is central to this. This initiative ensures that the paper flow disappears and that data is processed automatically in the administrations. High savings are feasible! We are also committed to this standard. Efficiency is important within the construction sector, and most definitely now!