The healthcare sector is trying to find the balance between the rising healthcare demand and limited financial options. The pressure on the organisation and funding of healthcare forces providers to make strategic decisions and to work on a more commercial basis.

Cost control
Mergers, alliances, cutbacks, a stronger impact of insurers on the quality and scope of care and a growing social demand for transparency. They are all developments that are putting the healthcare sector under pressure. Market forces are leading to a major change towards a demand-driven healthcare system. This is forcing care providers to make strategic choices about which care they will offer at which price level. Care institutions that make a well-founded choice with respect to their market position will have the best chance of being successful. This reality is forcing organisations to make strategic choices and to work on a more commercial basis. “Doing more with less” is the motto. It is essential that you have insight into your current process to ensure that processes can be optimised and to reduce costs at the same time. The first step is clarity about cost prices and cost-effectiveness of products and services. When the costs of your organisation have become transparent, the way is clear for cost control.

Transparent healthcare
Care providers are being given ever more responsibility to take their own course. This means that organisations will take more (financial) risks in practice. At the same time, they feel the social obligation to justify their spending. Corporate governance and effective risk control are essential to meet the requirements set by regulations and to anticipate on market forces in the sector. The narrower financial margins are also emphasising the necessity to be fully in control. These developments require supporting systems that ensure that internal processes run more efficiently, contribute towards reporting on company-wide expenditure and limit both financial and operational risks.

Insight and control
Ensure that you have insight in your costs and that you control expenditure. Select a solution to reduce your costs structurally that fits in with your situation. We can assist with this by making your procurement and invoicing processes more efficient and transparent. This will ensure that the costs that are related to these processes can be reduced considerably. Leading organisations have been able to realise important costs savings by deploying our solutions during the past few years.