Contract Management

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You make every effort to stipulate the best possible contract terms and conditions from your vendors. But are these agreements actually used to best advantage by everybody in your organisation? And how do you ensure that purchases no longer take place while ignoring contracts? Good contract management means that you can monitor, register and communicate vendor contracts. With Esize Contract Management you can record all contracts centrally. It will increase your insight into all required contract information so that you have a reliable basis for maintaining of your contract portfolio. You will also always have real-time insight into your financial liabilities.

Effective monitoring and management
The solution makes it easy to draw up contracts (by, for example, using standard contract templates) and to amend terms and conditions. You can monitor contract agreements based on defined criteria (Key Performance Indicators) and notice periods. The system will automatically warn the user when a contract is about to end or must be amended. This will ensure that contracts are not tacitly extended and this may mean a considerable saving on an annual basis.

Simple sharing of information
All contract information is available online to the entire organisation. You can determine which (business-sensitive) information you wish to share with employees by allocating rights. Because it is a user-friendly system, everyone will find it easy to work with the system.


  • Simple sharing of contract information in your organisation
  • Efficient and transparent working method and procedures
  • Automatic alerts will prevent unwanted contract granting
  • Effective monitoring and assessment of contract agreements
  • Real-time insight into your liability administration

Transparent processes and procedures
Your contracts form the pivot of the ordering process. Everyone will always use the most recent version of a contract and the correct terms and conditions when you link the solution with the ordering system. You can even link product catalogues to contract data. This will guarantee that contracts are used to best advantage. Maximum efficiency in contract management can be achieved by using the solution in combination with Esize Procurement.

Every contract under control
The solution supports all contract forms that may arise. Recurrent contract obligations (such as leases and telephone or maintenance costs) can also be easily defined and monitored in the system. You will, therefore, always have clear insight into your financial liabilities with one click of the mouse. This will not just offer more transparency but also smarter and faster invoice processing.