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More and more organisations are adopting e-invoicing. Not only is government making it mandatory, there is also growing demand from companies. This makes sense, because, between them, the public and private sectors can save up to €1.2 billion a year by receiving and processing invoices electronically. Your organisation can also reap the many benefits of e-invoicing. Automating administrative tasks ensures that your e-invoices are processed more efficiently and minimises the risk of errors. It also means that your invoices are paid faster, which is an important gain. All of this can add up to significant savings. Not only that, e-invoicing is an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to paper invoicing!

Esize e-invoicing portal
We offer the solution and the support that enables you to exchange invoices 100% digitally with your suppliers. The Esize e-invoicing portal provides you with a single secure inbox, where all purchase invoices are delivered and also validated. Invoices can be received through Simplerinvoicing and a PEPPOL Access Point. Organisations that want to implement e-invoicing often have to resort to the use of manual processes to analyse the document structure, information and formats. In other words, rather than simplifying these processes, automation often makes them more complex. We want to relieve you of these tasks and make the processes more efficient. This was what led us to develop the Esize e-invoicing portal.

Paperless invoicing
Your suppliers can send e-invoices to the Esize e-invoicing portal directly from their own accounting system. (UBL) Invoices can be received by email, or through a web service endpoint or PEPPOL Access Point. All e-invoices are delivered to a single secure inbox where they are automatically validated upon receipt. Checks include the Chamber of Commerce registration number, IBAN number, VAT number, duplicate invoice numbers and supplier identity.
Once an invoice has been validated, it is processed as a draft and forwarded to the Esize Purchase-to-Pay platform or another invoice processing system.

Getting suppliers onboard
Needless to say, for your investment in e-invoicing to pay off, your suppliers will have to submit e-invoices. Any supplier can do this, no matter how many invoices they send, or what kind of accounting system they use. When it comes to e-invoicing, there are a number of different options available. We will be happy to advise you on the best method for your organisation and your suppliers.

100% digital invoicing?
If you want to start with e-invoicing, but are not sure how to implement it, we will be happy to arrange it for you. Contact us for no-obligation advice and we will show you just how simple it really is.

Outsource your invoice processing
If you don’t have sufficient capacity or suitably trained staff, Esize can take care of your invoice processing for you. This service is specially designed for organisations seeking an efficient accounts payable function. Read more: Invoice clearing.