ERP Integration

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The Esize ERP Adapter (EEA), a middelware application based on Microsoft technology, will ensure that the Esize application works with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in the best possible manner. This will make your IT organisation confident.

Seamless integration for the best possible spend control
Regardless of what your IT landscape looks like, the Esize ERP Adapter will ensure that high-quality integration is set up cost-efficiently with any arbitrary ERP system or with multiple ERP applications. Most organisations have to deal with existing ERP systems. Often this is not limited to a single application but more to a diversity of different systems. This is the result of, for example, takeovers. Integration will then be an important challenge. This also sets requirements that Esize must meet as best-of-breed application.

Esize ERP Adapter
We have realised a solution to deal with these challenges head-on: the Esize ERP Adapter. This technology based on many years of experience in the area of integrations will ensure that Esize fits in seamlessly with your own ERP application. The solution distinguishes itself due to its quality: the adapter can integrate with basically any ERP system and the high degree of flexibility makes it easy to deal with application changes. Esize ERP Adapter provides available links with the most common systems such as SAP, Oracle, Coda, Unit4, Exact, Microsoft Dynamics and many more applications.

Best possible use of information
Esize ERP Adapter will ensure that organisations use master data efficiently such as information about suppliers, accounting (cost centres, cost accounts, VAT codes, etc.) and organisation (business units, users, budgets, rights and roles, etc.). In addition, operational information can also be exchanged. Examples are liabilities, entries, payment files, etc. You can have this information interface with the Esize application. This data transfer can be automated based on your preferences. The Esize application but also the Esize ERP Adapter are perfect for environments where multiple ERP systems are used.