Expense Management

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Within each organisation, employees incur business expenses that they can claim back. To do so original receipts must be retained and periodically submitted as an expenditure-claim with an accompanying form. The financial administration must then transcribe all of these receipts and enter them into the financial system, these receipts must be retained for 7 years to comply with tax hold requirements. A cumbersome process that could be a lot easier. With Esize Expenses, organisations can fully digitalise the paper claim process, saving time (and therefore money).

Digitalising expenditure-claims made simple
Esize Expenses is a native smartphone app (for iPhone and Android) that allows employees to claim receipts digitally. With the mobile (and web) application, claim forms are a thing of the past. Instead of keeping paper receipts, employees simply take a picture of the receipt using the app and place them in an online overview with one click. The supervisor can approve or reject the expenditure-claims in the overview and simply proceed to the financial administration. Administration can then link this to the financial system.

Ease of use
Employees can manage all actions relating to the claim-expenditure process directly in the app. Not only recording of expenditure-claims, mileage and other reimbursements, but also bundling directly into claim-expenditure summaries and submitting them to management via the app. The status of expenditure-claims are viewable on the app where employees can also see claim-expenditure guidelines. The solution is therefore convenient for the employee whose expenditure-claims are paid faster and easier.

Extensive functionality
In addition to a faster and simpler expenditure-claims process, Esize Expenses provides real-time insight into the actual costs incurred. By allocating costs to categories and projects, organisations gain better and faster insights into potential savings opportunities. By allocating budgets to specific categories, it becomes easier to control costs.
The app can also be used offline. Expenses incurred abroad can be easily claimed back. Receipts in foreign currency will be directly converted into euros. In addition, all receipts are kept for 10 years, which satisfies the tax hold requirement of 7 years.