Invoice Management

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Labour-intensive processes for processing invoices are a high cost item. Invoices that are paid too late or are lost costs you much money unnecessarily. By streamlining the whole process from receipt up to passing for payment of invoices you can optimise cash flows, minimise risks and improve productivity in addition to achieving the required savings. A clear audit trail supports accurate reporting of your financial data.

Every invoice at the right location
You will have a grip and control on the whole process of registration, matching and passing invoices for payment with Esize Invoice Management. It will take over a large part of the administrative work and it will ensure that problem invoices are processed quickly and efficiently. The convenience already starts when the invoice is received. You can import it electronically depending on the supplier. If this is not possible, you can also receive invoices through the Esize supplier back office. You can also, of course, enter paper invoices manually. In addition, you can also create a received entry or goods receipt. The system can then draw up a pro forma invoice.

Fast processing of problem invoices
The software will check invoices automatically against the existing purchase file (purchase order and goods receipt). The system will calculate a subtotal for each order, a VAT amount and a total amount based on the order data. All invoices will, next, be matched with this data. If the documents match, the invoice will be approved automatically. Problem invoices are sent to the responsible employee in a workflow (possibly with additional information). If a purchase order has not been determined, the system will send the invoice for approval to the correct budget holder.


  • All invoices transparent at one location
  • Easy to find invoices with order and delivery data
  • Faster passing invoices for payment
  • More efficient processing of problem invoices
  • Clear audit trail for accurate reporting of your financial data

Simple passing for payment
Once the matching procedure has been completed, all approved invoices can be passed for payment immediately. The system will ensure that the competent official receives the payment instructions for this. The software forwards the invoice information to your financial system. The financial dimensions such as cost centre and ledger account number have already been completed with the order. Invoices passed for payment can also be processed in a batch file and sent to the bank.