Invoice Scan & Capture

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Your accounts payable department processes a large number of purchase invoices each year. Manual processing is time-consuming, error-prone and expensive. Avoid lost invoices, unclear procurement and long processing times and increase the productivity of your employees. Obtain accurate financial overviews at your convenience and easy access to every invoice.

Scanning, recognising, checking and entering
You can process, link to your financial system, deliver to the correct budget holder for checking at the correct moment, pay and, last but not least, archive all your invoices quickly and without errors with Invoice Scan & Capture. Digitally and in a fully automated manner. This solution is extremely suitable for companies that process more than 5,000 invoices a year.

Invoice information added automatically to your system
Invoices are being delivered digitally more and more often. Examples are a PDF document that arrives as an attachment with an email or exchanging data files such as CSV, XML or UBL 2.0. Regardless of whether your invoices are delivered by mail, fax, email, XML or as a PDF or image: this solution automatically extracts all important data from every incoming invoice and saves it to the system. Invoice validation and verification can also be automated since the software has country-specific profiles with VAT percentages, currencies, date notation, etc. Invoice Scan & Capture exports the captured invoice information to your target system so that it can be coded, authorised and approved by your accounts payable staff.


  • Fewer lost invoices and administrative fuss
  • Prevention of duplicate invoices and payments
  • Clear insight into the status of every purchase invoice
  • Qualitative improvement of the administrative process
  • Faster and efficient routing in the organisation

Speed up your invoicing processing
Invoice Scan & Capture will learn automatically where the relevant data is located on the invoice and will create a knowledge database for each supplier. This ensures that data extraction will become even faster and more accurate in due time. The software will also identify suppliers and buyers and compares them to the data that has been imported from your financial system. The type (general expenditure or purchase order) will be determined and a record will be made whether it concerns an invoice or a credit note. This information forms the basis for automatic sorting that will save you much time and work during the initial stage of the processing.

Automatic matching with purchase orders
The solution can process invoice line items, which is a condition for automatic purchase order matching. By integrating the software with your purchase and financial systems, you can increase the value of your electronic invoice processing considerably.

Efficient and accurate verification
Any deviations that may be found must be checked manually. The software will provide each user or user group with a separate inbox that will only contain the invoices for which the user or user group is responsible. This ensures that the work can be shared amongst different employees without running the risk of providing unauthorised access.