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Regardless of the products or services that your organisation may purchase, you wish to spend your budgets as smartly as possible. Grip on daily procurement and invoicing processes starts with simplifying and setting up of standard procurement procedures. This will guarantee that your employees order within the defined procedures, policy principles and budgets. You will accelerate the procurement process and prevent purchases without the required authorisation and budget control.

Full control over your procurement
With Esize Procurement, you will be bringing together the operational procurement of all imaginable products and services together in one system. The solution supports the full operational procurement process: from order request and approval procedure to order creation and receipt registration. It will be easy for everyone at your organisation to place orders because of the user-friendly set-up. Your users can place order requests from an online supplier catalogue or website, but can also use a predefined form or send a free ordering form. Suppliers can, naturally, also continue to receive your orders by fax, email or post. Regardless of which ordering form you may decide to use, you will be supporting your complete procurement with the software.

Automatic cost allocation
As from the moment that the person in charge of ordering creates a purchase request, the system will arrange the cost allocation for budgets and invoice processing automatically. This will ensure that you can allocate cost centres to an individual user (for example, the person placing the order, assistant or budget owner) or to a department. Cost accounts can be allocated to individual products and/or categories within a procurement catalogue. When the person placing orders selects a product or procurement catalogue, the cost category will be entered automatically.


  • Grip and control on your complete operational procurement process
  • Faster approval procedures that are always in accordance with the correct rules
  • Transparent working method and procedures
  • Better partnerships with suppliers
  • User friendly and, therefore, faster acceptance within your organisation

Fast and correct approval
You will retain the control on ordering authorisations, stocks and budgets. This will ensure that you know for sure that your employees are ordering within the defined procedures and you will prevent that they enter into unauthorised liabilities. You can define the approval structure in the system based on product type, cost centre and order amount. A flexible workflow ensures that orders are always approved in accordance with the internal procurement rules. For products or services of a specific nature, a special approval procedure can be completed. The system will, naturally, ensure that your users will always have insight into the status of their order request.

Simplicity in creating and booking orders
Once the order request has been approved it will be converted automatically into an order. One order request can be split into multiple orders depending on the number of suppliers based on the products contained in the order request. Each order will be given a unique order number that matches the order request and is linked to your financial system. All orders will be entered automatically at the correct cost account and centre.

Consistent assessment of deliveries
You can enter the receipt of (partial) deliveries and (partial) receipts in the system, but you can also register the condition of the delivery. This will ensure that you can keep track of which deliveries are and are not OK accurately. By determining this data consistently and in full, you will have indispensable management information to further improve the operational procurement process.