Project Management

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Strategic procurement processes are often complex projects that demand a structured and transparent approach. Accurate documentation of project information will ensure knowledge is not lost. By standardising these projects, you will know for sure that all required steps are being taken and you will safeguard both internal and external collaboration.

Procurement projects fully transparent
Esize Project Management supports your procurement projects as from the initial set-up and planning stage up to and including implementation and delivery. You can increase efficiency by standardising projects based on project templates. All those involved will, moreover, always have a clear overview of the full project and their tasks and the project manager can easily monitor project progress. Your strategic procurement processes will become totally transparent when building up a project file. You will always have insight into the correct information to be able to justify the legitimacy of your expenditure.

Configuring projects smartly
The solution offers the option of defining standard projects that you can reuse again at any given time. The project manager does not have to come up with the set-up for a project again and again. This will ensure that knowledge is not lost and every project becomes a best practice. You will, moreover, know for sure that all required steps are being taken. The system is also configured in such a way that the buyer is burdened as little as possible with procedural obligations.


  • Clear overview in all projects
  • All project information clearly laid out at one location
  • More efficiency because of standardisation of projects
  • Better partnerships both internally and externally
  • Full transparency in projects and expenditure

Sharing information easily
All project information can be defined at one location in a well-organised manner. The project manager, project group and other involved parties can have at their disposal efficient resources to share documents, procurement processes and other material. Esize Project Management will ensure that all internal and external project members have the correct information at all times and at all places synchronised to their specific information need.

Targeted project management
(Cost-cutting) goals can be included in a procurement project with the software. You can, therefore, report on the success of a procurement process afterwards. You can, thus, collect valuable information for the next projects.