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Your organization relies on you to make the right decisions. But can you rely on the right information at the right time? Management information helps you to translate strategy into concrete plans. It gives you the insight and control to improve your organization’s financial and operational performance.

Reliable data, sound decisions
Good and reliable data form the basis for successful management.Esize Reporting allows you to obtain access to all the necessary information from all independent Esize applications and other (purchasing) systems and to compare and strategically use this information.This provides you with a comprehensive overview of all your organization’s expenditures, even if this information stems from different systems in different languages and currencies.

One gateway for all your data
Available data from your entire procurement process are bundled and stored in a data warehouse.The information is automatically processed on a daily basis and converted into immediately usable management reports.Even if you do not use all the Esize modules, you can still obtain information from other sources.Esize Reporting works with all commonly available procurement applications.The software allocates every amount to the correct post and each transaction is categorized down to the lowest possible level of detail.It gives you an easy overview of the total expenditures over a certain period of time, for example, and just as easily, the system shows you the costs per supplier at the attribute level.

Transparant management information
For a clear report of management information, the solution uses business intelligence software by Business Objects.You can show the required information in the Business Objects environment but also make selections and integrate them into PDF, Excel or other file formats.Here you can further edit the reports.If you work with other business intelligence software at your organization, then you can also deliver data from the data warehouse in this software.

Standard and customized reports
You have several options for presenting the required information.For example, as a cluster per supplier, product group, period, location, cost centre or supplier status.To this end, the solution has a large number of standard reports that you can use.But if you wish to analyse the data in a different way, then you can also create customized reports.You can set up the system so that you automatically receive the required reports via email at a set time, enabling you to always have the right information on your desk.