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You are looking for the best products and services for the best price and the most favourable terms and conditions. You will have a complete solution for the entire strategic/tactical procurement process with Esize Sourcing. From defining the procurement strategy in an unequivocal and transparent sourcing roadmap to the quotation process and the assessment and selection of suppliers.

Efficient and transparent qualification
The solution will support you when documenting the procurement strategy and in implementing this in an unequivocal sourcing roadmap. You can deploy the software for all types of products and article groups. Regardless of whether this concerns relatively simple quotation processes or extremely complex tenders where the costs are made transparent up to an attribute level. The system guides you through the qualification process of suppliers in the fastest and most efficient manner and will, at the same time, define all relevant data. This will guarantee a transparent and objective process where you can always demonstrate the validity of choices.

The electronic negotiating table
You can deploy the system for RFIs (requests for information), RFQs (requests for quotation) and RFPs (requests for proposal). The proposal process starts with collecting specifications for your request. The system will help you in defining all your selection criteria as well as contractual preferences and requirements. The next step that you can take is to send your request electronically to selected suppliers. They will receive an invitation automatically through email. Suppliers can respond to a request through the system, after which you can compare the delivered information simply and objectively with each other. Next, you can negotiate online with multiple suppliers. The solution also supports the execution of online auctions (eAuctions).

Automatically the best bid
When the RFx period ends, no more replies are accepted and an assessment can take place. The reply will lead manually (by one or more assessors) or automatically (scorecard rating) to one or more selected suppliers. The software will use intelligent weighing factors, knock-out criteria, price calculations and scorecards with regard to the automatic selection. Once you have made your choice, the selected proposal will be converted into an order or contract automatically.