Spend Intelligence

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You want to keep control of costs, understand risks and monitor them in the correct manner. And so you count on reliable and real-time information on your corporate expenses at all times. Such information could concern purchase orders, contracts, suppliers or invoices. The right management information gives you a 360˚ view of all spending in great detail, providing you with the insight required to effectively manage the financial and operational performance of your procurement organisation.

Access to management information at all times
Insight into your corporate spend wherever and whenever you are. Esize Spend Intelligence is a new generation Business Intelligence (BI) solution, with access to fully interactive dashboards based on real-time data. Simply conjure up the information you need to your screen, with a few mouse clicks. You analyse and visualise data exactly as you see fit, and can change your preferences at the touch of a button. You are not limited to a complex BI architecture for search assignments. Thanks to Esize Spend Intelligence, you can implement and assess data from various Esize applications, apply associative searches and visualise & analyse the results in terms of issues critical to the company. The intuitive user interface makes the solution extremely user friendly. Your entire organisation can soon use it, without extensive training or courses being required. The result is the right management information for the right people at the right time.

Interactive dashboards
Esize Spend Intelligence offers fully interactive dashboards thanks to smart QlikView technology, which means you can zoom in on all figures and graphs in great detail. The solution uses a unique association technology, conducted in the memory. This allows you to implement, use and maintain complicated analyses much more simply. It makes the interactive dashboards incredibly quick and puts an end to the need for time-consuming generation of reports. Gone are the days when you were dependent on static, prefab data models with predefined queries or cubes. The solution gives you the flexibility to independently determine your own data model. End users can easily fill in their own information requirements. Your IT department no longer needs to deal with requests for report modifications. The complexity issues of traditional BI solutions are a problem of the past.

Next generation of BI
Esize Spend Intelligence uses QlikView Enterprise Edition Server technology. This enables you to roll out the application centrally to multiple users, so that working with large groups of users is no longer a problem. The software provides secure distribution of dashboards to end users via Windows Client, WebClient and mobile devices. The great added value lies in the opportunities for real-time cooperation. End users can generate their own objects in a standard document and share them with other users, if required.
Thanks to the QlikView Publisher module, you keep complete control of distribution of your organisation applications and reports. Data is automatically refreshed and the module also allows correct distribution of applications and reports.

Single solution for any device
Esize Spend Intelligence works completely online and is therefore accessible at all times and from all locations. You can share your results with colleagues, clients and partners whenever it suits you. Applications only need to be developed once, to be accessible for all devices, whether they be desktop, tablet or smartphone. And so users can take advantage of a clear and consistent application regardless of the device being used.