Vendor Management

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Better performing vendors contribute directly towards the competitive strength and market position of your organisation. And can save you costs. Effective vendor management means that you have immediate insight into up to date vendor profiles and that you can assess performance objectively based on defined criteria.

Immediate insight into all data
You depend on your vendors and, therefore, you want to have a clear picture of their performance while you work continuously on building a good partnership with them. With Esize Vendor Management you can bring together all information about your vendors in a transparent manner in one central database. All data will be available online for the entire organisation. In one single overview the system will present exactly the information that you need. Searching is easy because of a wide range of selection options. You can, for example, find the relevant suppliers quickly based on product codes. By documenting your vendor data centrally, you not only know for sure that all information in the database is correct and complete but you will be assured that it is always up to date. You will also ensure that your database is not contaminated with duplicates or inactive contacts and you will have a more efficient administrative process.

Vendor information always up to date
The vendor profile contains a treasure in data. Examples are Chamber of Commerce registrations, VAT numbers, sales data, contact data, etc. The system offers suppliers the option of keeping this data up to date themselves. It is the responsibility of the vendor manager to supplement the profile further if required with, for example, commodity codes, payment data and invoice processing data. These options to actively manage suppliers are of great value since the vendor profile plays a key role in contract management, supplier selection and order process.


  • All vendor information up to date and transparent
  • Share supplier data simply within your organisation
  • Improve vendor partnerships
  • Maximum benefit from the agreements made with supplier
  • Active compliance and execution of contracts

Simple vendor performance assessment
You can bring together and analyse relevant information from different applications (procurement and invoice management) for objective supplier assessment with the extensive reporting options that Esize offers. This will ensure that you have many options to assess suppliers individually or with regard to each other on their performance as defined in the contract terms and conditions (for example, for each product group). The criteria (Key Performance Indicators) can be adjusted as required. It is, therefore, easy to keep track of the development of the performance of your vendors over time. The software will, subsequently, assist in planning and evaluating improvement measures.