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You want the best person for the job but also to control costs. Organisations are under pressure more and more to justify their expenditure for temporary personnel. Strangely enough, this data is not often directly accessible. By streamlining the entire hiring process, you can realise savings and you will know exactly who you are hiring as temporary staff at which supplier and for which costs.

Grip on hiring flexible workforce
From personnel request and contracting to timekeeping and invoice processing. With Esize Workforce you will ensure that the entire hiring process of temporary staff is faster and more efficient. The solution will assist with regard to the different steps in the process: defining framework agreements, job profiles, personnel requests, candidate selection, drafting hiring contracts and timekeeping. The system will link all these steps to each other and you can, therefore, ensure that data does not have to be entered again and again manually. You do not have to spend time anymore on time-consuming administration and authorisation procedures and can fully concentrate on finding the best person for the job.

Cutting costs by bundling
In practice, every department often works with its own providers of external personnel. You can realise significant savings by bundling the hiring within the whole of your organisation under framework agreements. Our solution will support you when determining rates and other agreements with the supplier in a framework contract. Next, this information can be combined with vacancy data. This will, for example, ensure that you can display rates for each job profile.


  • More efficient hiring of temporary personnel
  • Simpler and faster administrative process
  • Lower costs for recruitment and selection of personnel
  • All contract information clearly organised in one central system
  • Fewer incorrect invoices

Effective communication
Improve the partnership with your suppliers through effective and simple communication. With Esize Workforce you can send personnel requests with one click of the mouse to different contracted providers without having to skip necessary authorisation steps. You can invite candidates for an interview through the system based on the CVs that you receive from your supplier. The software will ensure that the suppliers are informed unequivocally about the selected and unsuccessful candidates.

Streamline hiring processes
Have you accepted a candidate? With this solution you can also easily compose and register the hiring contract for your temporary worker, effectively using data that you already documented before. The temporary worker can complete his or her timesheets electronically by using the system. Once approved, it is ready for processing by the supplier. The software will support the standard that the employment agency sector uses for sending electronic messages and, therefore, timesheets no longer need to be retyped by the provider. This will also be an important process improvement for your suppliers. Timesheets are approved by both the customer and supplier. This will reduce the chances of incorrect invoices entering the system and unnecessary administrative work.