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From receipt to accounting: digitalise expense management with Esize

Esize, supplier of Cloud Spend Management solutions, is introducing a mobile app for iPhone and Android which enables employees to submit their expenses digitally. With the mobile (and web) application, expense forms become a thing of the past. Instead of having to hold onto paper receipts, employees take a simple photo of the receipt and add this to an online report with one click. Managers can then approve the receipts in the report, sign them off and easily send them onto financial administration. With Esize Expenses, organisations can completely digitalise the expense reporting process and save a huge amount of time (and costs).

Simple and easy to use
Within each organisation, employees incur business costs that they can claim back. All of the receipts for these expenses must be saved and then submitted with a claim form every once in a while. The financial administration department must then enter all of the receipt details into the financial system and store the paper receipts for 7 years in order to fulfil fiscal requirements. In a partnership with Declaree, Esize is offering native smartphone apps that make this process much easier. Employees can complete all of the activities relating to the declaration process with the app. Not only recording expenses, mileage and other costs, but also bundling these together within an expense report and then submitting this to managers via the app. The status of expense reports can also be monitored via the app and employees have direct access to expense guidelines. The solution thus offers ease-of-use for employees, who will also be able to claim back their expenses more quickly and easily.

Expanded functionality
Alongside a quicker and easier expense reporting process, Esize Expenses also offers a real-time insight into actual costs. By allocating costs to categories and projects, organisations can obtain a quick and easy insight into opportunities for possible savings. Allocating budgets to specific categories makes it easy to manage on the basis of costs.
The app can also be used offline. Expenses that are incurred abroad can also be declared easily. Receipts in foreign currencies are directly converted into Euro online. All receipts are also retained for 10 years, easily fulfilling the fiscal retention period of 7 years.

Esize Expenses is part of the updated Esize8 software suite that is being launched this summer. The new release of Esize offers users numerous innovative functionalities in a modern look & feel, which contributes towards a personalised and intuitive user experience. The new features include a personal, easily tailored start page and a comprehensively upgraded search framework in order to find the right information throughout the platform, quicker and easier. The new release is a milestone in the ambitious roadmap that has been outlined by Esize. The principle behind the product development is to continually optimise the user experience and accessibility of the platform. “The market for Supplier Relationship Management software is very active, and brands which do no innovate will not survive”, explains Tim Schaefers, Managing Director of Esize. “What makes our proposition truly unique, is that we are one of the few market players to integrate a complete package of software modules on a single cloud platform which supports the full palette of purchasing and invoice administration processes”.

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