Finance & Controlling

Accelerate lead time of invoice handling process

Real-time visibility of expenses and purchase commitments

What are your priorities?

Minimise the cost of the Accounts Payable process

Prevent payment of unauthorised, incorrect or duplicate invoices

Transparent audit trail in complete procurement and invoicing process

Spend under control

You formulate strategies, monitor financial risks and control spending. But do you have full control over your organisation’s expenditure pattern? And how accurate and up-to-date is your insight into your purchase commitments?
With Esize you have constant insight into your organisation’s financial and operational performance wherever you are, based on real-time data and key performance indicators. You have access to management information which provides a reliable and up-to-date insight into companywide expenditure and commitments. And you contribute to the control of spending and optimisation of your working capital.
Enjoy a 360° view of all expenditure and commitments right down to the detailed level. Reliable analyses, reports with interactive dashboards and closing a booking period all require just a few clicks. All in accordance with the latest legislation and strict requirements for corporate governance. For both public and private organisations.

Unite Procurement and Finance

Procurement and invoice processing are complex processes in most organisations, involving much administrative handling and several approval moments. Substantial benefits can be achieved if procurement and finance coordinate their processes. Make it easy for everyone within your organisation to place order requisitions in a user-friendly system. By enabling authorisations and budget checks to be carried out at the start of your ordering process, you can be certain that no unnecessary expenditure takes place. You can speed up the process from ordering to paying, and maintain both overview and control. Esize supports processes which speed up the transition from paper to digital, including 100% conversion to digital invoices, automatic invoice approval, matching and workflow. The end result is less administrative handling and a reduced risk of errors. You improve the quality of the Accounts Payable process and also reduce direct purchasing costs and processing costs for your organisation.

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