Achieve contract compliance

Prevent unnecessary, unauthorised and fraudulent purchases

What are your priorities?

Take full advantage of negotiated discounts

Maximum savings on procurement costs

Transparent, standardised procurement procedures with complete audit trail

Achieve less with more

A carefully thought-through procurement plan is, quite literally, a money earner. Downsizing your supplier base can reduce procurement costs considerably. This means better partnerships with less suppliers, better contractual conditions and more discounts. Achieve more with your procurement budget while retaining grip on your business risks. Regardless of whether this refers to a simple proposal process or a complex request for proposal, every qualification requires a simple and transparent process. From defining the procurement strategy in a transparent and objective sourcing roadmap to the proposal process, and the assessment & selection of suppliers.

Saving opportunities

You have carefully stipulated the best possible contractual terms and conditions with your suppliers. Therefore, you need to be sure that these agreements are optimally utilised by everyone in the organisation. Full insight and control can be reached by effectively registering, managing and communicating your supplier agreements in one central system. This enables improved business planning, more effective category management, objective supplier qualification, more efficient negotiations and better contract management. Smart integration of your procurement and invoice handling processes enables you to realise the potential cost savings throughout the organisation.

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