Senior Management

Maintain full visibility and control of spend and purchase commitments

Transparent audit trail for procurement and invoice processing

What are your priorities?

Cost reduction through process efficiency

Capture cost savings

Achieve contract compliance

Savings creation

As you know, organisations with a firm grip on their spending and performance on contract compliance are proven to be more profitable than their competitors. You can make considerable savings by spending smarter. That’s why you want to assess accurately how and where your organisation spends money and at which supplier. By recording this in detail you gain a full overview of all the expenses and get a grip on your organisation’s patterns of expenditure. You will have control. Esize allows you to align your strategic/tactical procurement processes seamlessly to your operational procurement and invoice processing on a single online platform. This enables you to create the potential savings across your organisation and fully capture them as well.

Collaboration platform

You want a platform that’s open and easy to access. That can be instantly put to use by anyone. Software your employees will enjoy working with and allowing them to collaborate more efficiently between various departments and with your suppliers. We develop innovative software which leads the pack in terms of user experience, inspired by the most intuitive webshops for consumers. We do this in conjunction with our users. Our platform provides everyone in your organisation with direct access to the same information and documents. On any device, from any location, 24/7. Thousands of users around the world carry out many millions of transactions (RFx, e-auction, orders, invoices) through our platform with a network of thousands of suppliers via Esize SupplierWeb.

Insight & control

Achieve a complete insight into your organisation’s financial and operational performance wherever you are, based on real-time data and key performance indicators. Easily produce reliable analysis and reports using interactive dashboards. Enjoy a 360° view of all expenditure and commitments right down to a detailed level. Closing a booking period is done with a couple of clicks. All in accordance with the latest legislation and stricter requirements for corporate governance. You do not have to be preoccupied with the effectiveness and compliance of your procurement organisation. This is fully transparent thanks to a complete audit trail. This includes public organisations which are obliged to follow (European) legislation for tendering.

Integrated solution

Whatever your starting position is and whatever your ambitions may be, our platform grows alongside you. Scalable and flexible. And if you need support with application management, catalogue maintenance, sourcing support or invoice processing, we can provide it. Whatever your IT landscape looks like, our applications guarantee flexible and seamless integration with your existing ERP or financial systems. Our solutions are hosted by trusted and ‘green’ partners. Your valuable data is stored in fully secured data centres with extensive backup and storage facilities. We thereby adopt strict internal and external security measures, and we constantly assess our services against the ISAE 3402 standard.

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