A well-thought-out implementation process is essential for the success of every IT solution. Regardless of whether you manage it yourself or outsource it to experienced consultants. A new system means change in your organisation: new procedures and working processes. Our aim is to connect people, business and technology as optimally as possible.

Esize Blue Stream Method
With over 15 years’ practical experience Esize has developed a unique best practice approach for implementation processes under the name Esize Blue Stream Method. This is based on tried and tested PRINCE2 methodology. Our approach is distinguished by the fact that we work from your objectives and ambitions. What you want to achieve with the new system is central to every step in the implementation process. We attach particular value to a thorough analysis phase in which we determine the scope and configuration choices for the implementation in conjunction with the client. With the right analysis and the right advice we want to help ensure that you can continue to utilise your system optimally in the future as well. This maintains your grip and control over your processes and makes it easier for you to identify and actually capture potential savings. We can draw on best practices for our advice. This gives you the certainty of a robust and futureproof design for your system.

Generic implementation
If you wish to execute the project yourself, you will receive training in the applications that you will be implementing. This training is based on our best practice experiences in relation to previous implementations and is supported with a generic test environment. Next, you can get started yourself in configuring the system based on your preferences and requirements. You will be doing this directly in the live environment that has been created for you as our customer. Once you have completed this stage of the process, you can go through the configuration with one of our consultants. There will be room for advice during this stage so that issues can be adjusted if required. Should you require additional support during this process, we can, of course, cater for this flexibly.