Organisations do not demand systems, but solutions which help to make processes more efficient and improve collaboration. You want your employees to be able to access the right information at the right time, without having to switch between applications unnecessarily or having to transfer data several times by hand in different systems. Your procurement and invoice handling processes are also not autonomous, but work hand-in-hand with the financial systems and other business critical applications such as ERP systems. You thereby also want to be able to exchange information with your suppliers and systems quickly and without problems. We have developed our software suite with this in mind. Esize guarantees you optimum integration with any system, inside your organisation and outside it. That lends confidence to your IT organisation.

Seamless integration with your systems
Our strength lies in our flexibility. Whatever your IT landscape looks like, the open architecture of our platform makes it possible to integrate with virtually any type of application that you may use, from financial software and ERP through to HR and logistics packages such as inventory management. Our technology, based on years of experience in the field of integrations, guarantees you that Esize will interface seamlessly with your own application(s). The high degree of flexibility offered by our technology makes it easy to deal with application modifications. It provides available interfaces with most commonly used systems such as SAP, Oracle, Coda, Unit4, Exact, Microsoft Dynamics and many other applications.

Efficient exchange of data
Our technology ensures that organisations make efficient use of master data such as information about suppliers, accounting (cost centres, cost types, VAT codes, etc.) and organisation (business units, users, budgets, user access and user roles, etc.). It is also possible to exchange operational information. This might include commitments, bookkeeping entries, payment files, etc. You can choose to have this information interface with the Esize application. This can be periodically automated as required.

High quality solution
Esize offers high quality integrations which are fully supported and maintained and which can be configured for most commonly used systems. We can implement most standard interfaces in a few days. However, our experts have also carried out successful integrations at major clients with more complex environments including multiple ERP and other systems.