Services & Support

Our work does not stop when the implementation of your system has been completed and transfer has taken place. You can continue to count on the support offered by our Services & Support team. We, for example, assist functional and application administrators with technical and user questions that they do not have a direct answer to. You can also report issues and submit change requests. You can simply report all your issues online in our service management application.

Expert support
Our support employees maintain close contact with our consultants. They are fully aware of the configuration of your system and the important processes within your organisation. In addition, the team works directly with Product Development to keep a careful eye on the progress of issues and changes. By continuously sharing knowledge, employees always have the most up-to-date information about technical issues and new developments.

Customised support
Depending on the support that you need, you can choose between different service packages (Basic, Silver or Gold). If you manage more modules, a more extensive service package may be the obvious choice. The Gold package, for example, offers access to a test environment as standard that is identical to your live environment including after the implementation has been completed. This will guarantee that you can continuously provide internal training without worrying. Here you can perform all the steps as if you were working in your live environment. In addition, this also offers the option to first correctly test any changes to your live environment.