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Source2day and Contract2day: procurement software for all budgets

Professional procurement software which is simple, user friendly and especially affordable. That is the philosophy behind Source2day and Contract2day, the new online software which supports purchasing professionals in sourcing projects and contract management. Source2day is an all-in-one sourcing tool with which buyers can efficiently and simply work through any quotation process. Contract2day helps to get more grip on supplier contracts in a smart and simple manner. The solutions are used fully online and are therefore accessible at all times and from all locations. The software is equally suitable for both small entrepreneurs and multinationals. Organisations only pay per user, and can therefore always opt for the subscription which best suits their needs.

Online wizard for quotation processes
Source2day offers an intuitive and user-friendly online wizard which guides buyers simply and efficiently through the entire quotation process. The software clearly indicates the steps to be taken by the user in order to carry out a sourcing project, and advises proactively in the final choice of supplier with the right offer. All this occurs according to the latest (contracting) legislation and with a complete audit trail. Users have access to a network of thousands of active suppliers, thanks to smartly linking the software with a large supplier database.

Online organisation of contracts
Contract2dayhelps buyers to simply register, manage and communicate on supplier contracts online, in a single, flexible and user-friendly software solution. Users have up-to-date and real-time insight into the current contracts, along with the set or forecast costs. The system also offers a smart option of setting alerts when a contract is due to expire. This allows buyers to terminate contracts timely, removing the risk of being stuck with unnecessary contracts.

Carefree software
A simple online login process gives users access wherever and whenever they require. The applications work fully online, therefore no worries about management or maintenance. They also always benefit from the latest updates and versions. Expensive investments in hardware and software are no longer required. It is simply a question of registering at or and getting to work, without any complex implementations.

Simple, user friendly & affordable
The philosophy behind Source2day and Contract2day is to make professional procurement software accessible for all organisations, by offering solutions which are simple and user friendly, but especially affordable. The software is the result of many years’ experience in day-to-day purchasing, and has been developed according to best practices. This makes the solutions suitable for small entrepreneurs but equally so for multinationals. Thanks to the flexible pricing model (pay per user), organisations can opt for the subscription which best suits their needs.

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