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Successful launch of Esize8 platform for Procurement, Finance & HR

Esize8 is officially live! Esize, supplier of Cloud Spend Management solutions, is launching an updated suite of business software for the areas of Procurement, Finance & HR. With this version, Esize is introducing a fully updated user interface with a contemporary look & feel, and various innovative functionalities. As a result, Esize can offer the best user-experience in the history of the platform and set itself apart as the most user-friendly solution in the market. New features include a personalised, customisable start page (widgets) and a smart search function (Google-like search). As part of its mobile strategy, Esize is also introducing a number of apps (iOS and Android) which enable specific tasks to be completed via smartphone and tablets, e.g. approval of orders and invoices or expense management.

Esize has made substantial investments in strengthening the product portfolio and supporting the organisation’s growth strategy. The new release is an important milestone in the ambitious roadmap that has been outlined by Esize, with the aim of being able to implement new functional developments on the platform much quicker and more efficiently in the future. The basic principle of product development is to expand user-friendliness and accessibility. Esize has undertaken the development process in consultation with its users. “Esize has been developed with our users in mind”, says Tim Schaefers, Managing Director of Esize. “By testing the beta version extensively according to user needs, we have set a new standard that fulfils the expectations of our customers”.

In Esize8, every user can set up an individual and personalised start page. Each employee can therefore put together an organised dashboard of individual tasks and activities to be carried out, but can also add widgets, favourite website links or RSS feeds, for example. Smart in-memory search technology helps users search for and find the right information more quickly and easily, within the entire platform but also outside the platform. Esize is introducing a number of apps for smartphones and tablets (for iOS and Android) in order to improve accessibility for mobile devices. Customers will not be the only group to profit from the innovations in Esize8. Many thousands of suppliers undertake business transactions with the buyer organisations who are active on the platform.

Far-reaching process integration
Esize is constantly seeking expansions for the platform on a functional level. Tim Schaefers explains: “Our customers increasingly recognise Esize as a valuable and cost-efficient alternative to existing, more complex ERP packages. Without the ambition to develop an ERP application, we would like to offer new, supplementary functionalities in order to fulfil the requirements of the CFO more effectively. This could include expanding the platform with a new module for budget management, for example. Our customers’ expectations have been raised when it comes to transparency and control over processes and expenditure, and they are therefore on the lookout for the right support. This requires a solution that can comprehensively support the entire purchasing and invoicing process within one system. What we’re noticing is also a greater market interest in software solutions which help organisations gain better insight into and control of their expenditure.

Interest from the market
Tim Schaefers finds the initial market reactions to the new release to be very positive. “We would of course be very willing to provide a demonstration to anyone who is interested, and we would like to invite them to contact us”.

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